Scrambled Eggs

It's probably no surprise that in my house, cooking together is an activity we all enjoy. And sometimes in the process of teaching the youngest member something new, I learn something, too.

The most recent example was how to make better scrambled eggs. I thought I made good scrambled eggs before - fluffy, souffle like eggs cooked in butter and coconut oil, but now that I've had these, I almost never want to eat eggs any other way again.

I don't usually show step by step instructions, but with these eggs, it's the method that matters.

First step: Throw some butter into a pan and let it get all foamy. I didn't measure mine, but it seems like a bit less than a tablespoon.

Into that golden lake of bubbly, melted buttery goodness, crack two eggs, sprinkle with salt and add a good glug of cream. About a tablespoon or so.

Stir it all together to break up eggs and combine all ingredients. Don't worry about making it all too uniform.

When the eggs are set and nearly cooked, add some more butter and a bit more cream. Yes, really.

Stir together and cook a minute or two more and serve. Lovely.

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