Valentine's Day Chocolate Fondue

I don't know if there are other couples who don't go 'out' for Valentine's Day, but we haven't done that for several years. We give cards, but skip the 'date' or 'gift' part. We just don't miss any of it, so we don't bother.

Whatever else we might do depends on what appeals to us at the time. No matter what we end up doing, one thing remains constant - our traditional Valentine's Day Chocolate Fondue.

Though it's quite simple to make, to me nothing feels quite so luxurious. I usually use good chocolate even for every day uses, but for this I splurge on even better quality chocolate and buy strawberries out of season (something I don't normally do).

The choices of dipping items are usually fruit, though marshmallows are often included since they are  a favorite of one particular family member. Besides strawberries, I usually include whatever other fruits are available at the time and seem like they would work well. I've tried cookie/cake type things, like lady fingers or shortbread when I've had them on hand, but the fruits are more popular.

Chocolate Fondue

1 cup heavy cream
12 ounces good quality dark chocolate, chopped (I used Callebaut)
1 teaspoon vanilla

Heat the cream in a medium saucepan over medium-low heat until hot, about 2 to 3 minutes. When hot, add the chocolate and stir until it is just melted and smooth. Stir in vanilla. Transfer to a warm ceramic fondue pot and thoroughly enjoy :)

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