Chocolate Truffles

I've got the day off today, and like most people, I've got a long 'to-do' list. As usual, many of them have to do with spending time in the kitchen. One of these is especially pleasant, though - making chocolate truffles. (I know..more chocolate)

For quite some time I was fooled into thinking they were difficult to make - possibly even beyond my skills - so I didn't even try. Now that I know how simple they are, I've made them a few times. It's a good thing they're so easy to make - this year I decided to make loads of them to give away for Valentine's Day.

Like many of my recipes, I'm not even sure where I got it. Usually I study a number of recipes, try a few that appeal to me the most, make a few changes here and there, and end up with something that works for me. Sometimes I'm very organized and take notes - other times...not so much - and I have to try to remember what I did, or worse, start all over again. 

This is the recipe I've been using the last few years. It's a basic, rustic looking truffle. Maybe someday I'll experiment with flavorings, coatings and frills. On the other hand....maybe not.

Chocolate Truffles

8 oz  dark chocolate (I used Girardeli 60% chocolate chips today)
1/2 C cream
2 T butter
Cocoa powder for dusting

Measure the chocolate chips, or break up chocolate if using bars,  into a medium sized bowl. Heat the cream and butter until almost boiling. Pour over chocolate and stir until the chocolate is completely melted, and beautifully smooth and shiny. Refrigerate.

Once the mixture is set, use a teaspoon or other small scoop to measure out small amounts of the chocolate. Working quickly with cool hands, shape small amounts of the chocolate into balls and roll in cocoa powder. Return to the refrigerator until firm.

I usually do this part in two stages. I use two spoons to drop small mounds of chocolate onto a paper lined baking sheet, refrigerate, then shape and coat, then refrigerate again.

Allow to return to room temperature before eating.  Share and enjoy.

Oh, and when everyone is impressed with how clever you are and how many hours you must have worked to make them, feel free to simply smile modestly and thank them.

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