'Expert' advice

I should just stop watching the morning news. It seems every day there is another 'expert' trying to sell us the latest 'health food' that is actually less healthy than then evil substance it is supposed to replace. I don't understand why they don't look beyond the surface. Why they don't ask questions or dig deeper? How, when so many people are looking to them for answers, do they continue to give information that will not only not help, but actually may cause harm?

Most people are sincerely trying to do the best for themselves and their families. Sometimes it's not easy to sort through the noise to determine what is healthy and what is hype. The stakes are high, though, so we have to look past the sales pitch do our own investigating. Recently I ran across a blog entry that has been helpful for many just starting out:  'Nourished Kitchens'  '10 Tips for Real Food Newbies'   

I need to work on number 8. I'm not very good at number 10, either :)

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